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Vanilla Beach

Vanilla Beach

Author(s): Peter J Venison

Location(s): The Indian Ocean

Genre(s): Mystery, Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary

This is the book that you might think of taking along as part of your holiday reading, whilst relaxing on a sun-soaked tropical beach. If so, you may be in for a shock. A young couple manage to acquire a dilapidated resort hotel on an island in the Indian Ocean and through hard work turn it into a hotspot for the rich and famous. But their journey is fraught with difficulties and surprises, straining their relationship to its limits. You will not believe the things that happened at Vanilla Beach. But you should, because almost all of them actually did. Just as one problem is solved, another pops up, each one stranger or more frightening than before. Once you have read Vanilla Beach you may never want to go on vacation again.

And don’t believe that this is just a book; what happens in it could happen to you.

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