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Latest Reviews

Lead Review

  • Book: Freetown
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Author: Otto de Kat

"Novella of loss, set in the Netherlands Maria and Vincent – in their sixties – are regrouping after a significant affair...."

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Lead Review

  • Book: When Life Gives You Mangoes
  • Location: Jamaica
  • Author: Kereen Getten

"It is the Summer holiday and Clara is kicking around for something to do. She spends a lot of time with..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Abandoned Cinemas of the World
  • Location: World
  • Author: Simon Edelstein

"This is a beautifully produced and put together coffee table book. It is stuffed full of great shots of, well, abandoned..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: The Savior of 6th Street
  • Location: Los Angeles, New York City (NYC), Paris
  • Author: Orlando Ortega-Medina

"4.5* The Savior of 6th Street is the third book written by Orlando Ortega-Medina – I have read, enjoyed, and reviewed..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Boop and Eve’s Road Trip
  • Location: The American South
  • Author: Mary Helen Sheriff

"3.75* Eve is a teenager at college. Her mother Justine has high hopes for her for future, she is pulling all..."

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Lead Review

  • Book: Greek Myths
  • Location: Greece, The Mediterranean
  • Author: Jean Menzies, Katie Ponder (illustrator)

"Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology remains one of the most popular topics among classrooms, libraries and living rooms, a quick book..."

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“Everything was normal, just ‘different'”

  • Book: Once You Know
  • Location: Arizona, Chicago
  • Author: Madeleine Van Hecke

"When author Madeleine Van Hecke first made contact, she began by commenting that she particularly resonated with the review I had..."

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Family Secrets

  • Book: Telling Sonny
  • Location: Vermont
  • Author: Elizabeth Gauffreau

"Every family has secrets, old feuds and disagreements, but not many have a past like Faby’s. Telling Sonny, by Elizabeth Gauffreau,..."

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Funny and heartwarming mother-daughter road trip

  • Book: Coffee Killed My Mother
  • Location: Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia
  • Author: Donna Koros Stramella

"Anna Lee is a pensive seventeen-year-old who sets off on a road trip along the eastern seaboard with her sixty-one-year-old inscrutable..."

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Engrossing Saga about Haiti’s struggle for freedom

  • Book: The Sons and Daughters of Toussaint
  • Location: Haiti
  • Author: Keith Madsen

"The novel depicts the Haitian struggle for freedom from founding to present day — from Touissant’s struggles against the French, as..."

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Hurry, hurry! Our 'Sense of Place' Creative Writing Competition entries close on 15th November...

750 - 3000 words with strong 'sense of place' theme

Short story, travelogue, or memoir

Top judges to decide the winners

Cash prizes totalling £500 / $600 

Winning entry published on TripFiction site and publicised on Social Media

Entries close 15th November 2020