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Crime mystery set in PENNSYLVANIA

21st September 2020

One Perfect Morning by Pamela Crane, crime mystery set in Pennsylvania, narrated by Sarah Borges.

Crime mystery set in PENNSYLVANIA

I found this to be an engrossing audiobook as I regularly took my 5 mile walk during the pandemic Summer in order to try and lose some of those Covid Kilos.

Pamela Crane is the American equivalent of the UK’s very own Joanna Trollope, the Queen of the Aga-Saga (for any non-Brits reading this, an Aga is a somewhat primordial-looking cooking-range-cum-heating-unit that is very popular in the UK, around which people will gather for cups of tea and chat). As Pamela Crane is an American writer, there is of course some gun toting in the story which is not something our Aga-Queen would countenance (probably 😉?).

The novel opens one Sunday morning as a woman – unnamed at this point – is lovingly looking at her husband, asleep in their marital bed. She has a knife and that knife will cut into his neck. Now, if that isn’t a jaw dropping opener, I don’t know what is!

Essentially this is the story of Mackenzie, Lily and Robin, firm friends from college days in the early 2000s, and the story of the ups and downs and dramas of their friendship. Mackenzie and Robin are married and have families, Lily is unhappily separated. The former two aren’t that happy in their relationships either, to be honest. There is a scattering of infidelity, substance addiction and domestic violence with some breath-stopping secrets just waiting to worm their way out.

There is one pivotal event between two of the children, which in part jettisons the whole group into a new and dangerous orbit. The women’s individual foibles and belief-systems then compound the event and its ramifications, as lives start to unravel and their individual friendships start to be brutally tested.

The author is very good at drip-feeding her audience with credible interactions and events which move the story forward in a measured and articulate way. There are indeed some twists and turns, some actions of revenge and a sense that no-one – not even friends – can really fully understand what goes on behind the Pennsylvanian picket fence. A good and gripping read. Recommended.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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