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Dystopian thriller set in a post pandemic, post climate change world

25th April 2024

The Coming Storm by Greg Mosse, dystopian thriller set in a post pandemic, post climate change world.

Dystopian thriller set in a post pandemic, post climate change world

In The Coming Darkness, Alexandre Lamarque – a French secret service agent – saved the world from near total destruction. In The Coming Storm, he picks up where he left off… The conspiracy continues and its ambition is not yet defeated. Alex operates in a somewhat surreal world. The French government databases have all been destroyed and he, and the government, are flying blind in dangerous times. It is a world set a few years in the future – much is turned upside down and the most amazing and imaginative technology is commonplace in our everyday lives.

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There are several strands in the book covering the threats the world is facing. Alex is in Africa – in a country with a major lithium mine which rebels are trying to sabotage. He is babysitting David Castille, a leading global industrialist who many would like to see dead. Then there is an awards ceremony high up on the Aswan Dam in Egypt where many dignitaries are present and danger is brewing. Alex’s girl friend, Mariam, has meanwhile travelled from Paris to Northern Spain to stay with an aunt and attend a funeral high up in the mountains. The farmhouse in which she is staying is directly below a dam with an enormous lake behind it. Much of the area is owned by the same industrialist that Alex is looking after. Back in Paris one good man has faked his own death and funeral to give himself space in which to operate off the grid, and one bad man is plotting to betray the service and cause disaster.

The strands all come together in a high octane thriller. It is exciting and it is tense. Alex and David Castille are on David’s private jet heading who knows where. The ending is not to be revealed here, but it is different to what I expected. The Coming Storm breaks a few rules…

It is a really good read. Not just for the adrenaline-filled strands, but also for the settings of time and place. The restrictions of a post pandemic, post climate change world ring very true, as do the principal locations in which the book is set. It is a book that makes you think.

Tony for the TripFiction team

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