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Tequila Sunset

Tequila Sunset
  • Author(s): Sam Hawken
  • Location(s): El Paso, Juarez
  • Genre(s): Crime, Fiction
  • Era(s): Modern

El Paso and Ciudad Juárez sit across the Texas / Mexico border from each other. They share streets, share industry, share crime. One gang claims territory in both: Los Aztecas. This single criminal organisation is responsible for most of...

The Dead Women of Juarez

The Dead Women of Juarez
  • Author(s): Sam Hawken
  • Location(s): Juarez
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller
  • Era(s): Modern

For the setting of his first novel, Hawken, an American historian, has chosen Juarez, the border city in Mexico where hundreds, even thousands, of young women have been abducted and murdered in recent years. Most of them have been...

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