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House of Sticks

House of Sticks
  • Author(s): Ly Tran
  • Location(s): Vietnam, Queens
  • Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs
  • Era(s): 20th century, 21st century

An intimate, beautifully written coming-of-age memoir recounting a young girl’ s journey from war-torn Vietnam to Ridgewood, Queens, and her struggle to find her voice amid clashing cultural expectations. Ly Tran is just a toddler in 1993 when she...

Sofie Metropolis

Sofie Metropolis
  • Author(s): Tori Carrington
  • Location(s): Queens, New York City (NYC)
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): early 21st century

On her wedding day, right before the ceremony, right there in the Greek Orthodox church, Sofie Metropolis discovered her groom and her maid of honor in each other’s arms. Sofie took this as a sign, and since then, she’s...

Searching for Sylvie Lee

Searching for Sylvie Lee
  • Author(s): Jean Kwok
  • Location(s): Queens, Netherlands
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): Early 20th Century onwards

A poignant and suspenseful drama that untangles the complicated ties binding three women–two sisters and their mother–in one Chinese immigrant family and explores what happens when the eldest daughter disappears, and a series of family secrets emerge, from the...

Little Deaths

Little Deaths
  • Author(s): Emma Flint
  • Location(s): Queens
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery
  • Era(s): 1960s

It’s the summer of 1965, and the streets of Queens, New York shimmer in a heatwave. One July morning, Ruth Malone wakes to find a bedroom window wide open and her two young children missing. After a desperate search,...

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