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Tennis Clubbed, Snubbed and Rubbity-Dub Dubbed

Tennis Clubbed, Snubbed and Rubbity-Dub Dubbed
  • Author(s): Eric Madeen
  • Location(s): Yokohama
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Romance
  • Era(s): Postmodern present

SET IN THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN … In historically rich Yokohama, the wicked shiver of the tennis snub pits David Adams against K: a puffed up, xenophobic tyrant who rules over the courts of a club that...

The Wrong Goodbye

The Wrong Goodbye
  • Author(s): Toshihiko Yahagi, Alfred Birnbaum (Translator)
  • Location(s): Yokosuka, Yokohama
  • Genre(s): Crime, Mystery
  • Era(s): Modern

The Wrong Goodbye pits homicide detective Eiji Futamura against a shady Chinese business empire and U.S. military intelligence in the docklands of recession Japan. After the frozen corpse of immigrant barman Tran Binh Long washes up in midsummer near...

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