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Husbands and Lovers

Author: Beatriz Williams

Location: Egypt, New England

Genre: Fiction

The Secret Chord

Author: Geraldine Brooks

Location: Israel

Genre: Fiction, Historical

Thorn City

Author: Pamela Statz

Location: Portland (Oregon)

Genre: Thriller


Author: Ric Brady

Location: Yorkshire

Genre: Thriller

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Latest Reviews

Lead Review (The Lover of no Fixed Abode)

  • Book: The Lover of No Fixed Abode
  • Location: Venice
  • Author: Carlo Frutterro, Franco Lucentini, Gregory Dowling (translator)

"3.5* Carlo Frutterro and Franco Lucentini were a very well known literary duo in Italy for many years, until Lucentini’s death..."

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Lead Review (Twenty-Seven Minutes)

  • Book: Twenty-Seven Minutes
  • Location: North America
  • Author: Ashley Tate

"The 10 year anniversary of the death of Phoebe Grant has come around. She died in a car accident on the..."

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  • Book: Shiloh
  • Location: West Virginia
  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

"Very good"

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“Mirabelle, through the looking glass…”

  • Book: ROUGE
  • Location: La Jolla, Southern California
  • Author: Mona Awad

"When I was intrigued enough to take a punt on this NetGalley ‘Read Now’ offer, I did take note that the..."

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Lead Review (Went to London, Took The Dog)

  • Book: Went to London, Took the Dog
  • Location: London
  • Author: Nina Stibbe

"This memoir-cum-diary sounded intriguing. The author is suffering from a sort of empty nest syndrome, so takes her dog, Peggy, finds..."

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Lead Review (Don’t Look Away)

  • Book: Don’t Look Away
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Author: Rachel Abbott

"Don’t Look Away by Rachel Abbott is the third in a series of psychological thrillers featuring Stephanie King, though it can..."

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Lead Review (Red Road Green: A tale of the Amazon)

  • Book: Red Road Green: A tale of the Amazon
  • Location: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
  • Author: Jonathan Franklin

"The novel opens with Idenea, working in a brothel. She clearly has history, her son has been stolen from her but..."

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Lead Review (At The Breakfast Table)

  • Book: At the Breakfast Table
  • Location: Büyükada
  • Author: Defne Suman

"This novel is set in 2017, looking back to earlier decades in the 20th Century. Shirin Saka is an artist who..."

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Lead Review (The Book of Newcastle)

  • Book: The Book of Newcastle (Reading The City)
  • Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Author: Zoe Turner (Editor)

"A collection of short stories that take the reader under the skin of the city. Characters in search of something, relationship..."

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Lead Review (Secret Berlin)

  • Book: Secret Berlin
  • Location:
  • Author: Manuel Roy, Roberto Sassi, Tom Wolf

"We took “Secret Berlin” with us on a trip to the city and we were spoilt for choice, so we decided..."

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