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Where the Wilderness Lives

Where the Wilderness Lives
  • Author(s): Jess Butterworth
  • Location(s): Wales
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Children, Thriller

An epic race for survival that follows four children and their dog through treacherous waterways, dense forests and the deep, dark wilderness of Wales. From author Jess Butterworth comes a beautifully written adventure story in a vibrantly described setting...

Wild Spinning Girls

Wild Spinning Girls
  • Author(s): Carol Lovekin
  • Location(s): South Wales
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): 2020

Ty’r Cwmwl held its breath for years after the previous owner died. The house made room for her ghost. She brought magic with her. Ida Llewellyn loses her job and her parents in the space of a few weeks...

Word on the Street

Word on the Street
  • Author(s): Romy Wood
  • Location(s): Cardiff
  • Genre(s): Fantasy, Fiction

From http://wots1.eventbrite.co.uk: The homeless are dying: a pestilence is sweeping them off the streets, while the authorities herd the not-yet-dead into sinister ‘clinics’ in derelict industrial wastelands… until suddenly The Public is no longer immune. Word on the Street...

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