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The Ice Whisperers

The Ice Whisperers
  • Author(s): Helenka Stachera, Marco Guadalupi (Illustrator)
  • Location(s): Siberia
  • Genre(s): Children
  • Era(s): N/A

A haunting magical adventure about two sisters born 40,000 years apart, perfect for fans of Frostheart and The Wild Way Home. When Bela’s mother dies, she is summoned to deepest Siberia to stay with an uncle she’s never met....

The Impossible Journey

The Impossible Journey
  • Author(s): Gloria Whelan
  • Location(s): Siberia
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Historical, Young Adult
  • Era(s): 1934

In 1934, thirteen-year-old Marya and her younger brother, Georgi, set out alone on a long and arduous journey into Siberia to find their mother after she and their father are exiled for opposing Stalin, in the companion story to...

The Lost Pianos of Siberia

The Lost Pianos of Siberia
  • Author(s): Sophy Roberts
  • Location(s): Siberia
  • Genre(s): Nonfiction
  • Era(s): Modern looking back

Siberia’s story is traditionally one of exiles, penal colonies and unmarked graves. Yet there is another tale to tell. Dotted throughout this remote land are pianos – grand instruments created during the boom years of the nineteenth century, and...

The Red Scarf

The Red Scarf
  • Author(s): Kate Furnivall
  • Location(s): Siberia
  • Genre(s): Historical, Fiction
  • Era(s): 1930s

Davinsky Labor Camp, Siberia, 1933: Only two things in this wretched place keep Sofia from giving up hope: the prospect of freedom, and the stories told by her friend and fellow prisoner Anna, of a charmed childhood in Petrograd,...

The Siberian Dilemma

The Siberian Dilemma
  • Author(s): Martin Cruz Smith
  • Location(s): Russia, Irkutsk
  • Genre(s): Crime
  • Era(s): Contemporary

Investigator Arkady Renko, described as ‘one of the most compelling figures in modern fiction’ by USA Today, finds himself travelling deep into Siberia when journalist Tatiana Petrovna disappears on a case. Journalist Tatiana Petrovna has disappeared. Arkady Renko, iconic...

The Unravelling Of Maria

The Unravelling Of Maria
  • Author(s): F J Curlew
  • Location(s): Estonia, Scotland, Siberia
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): 1944 - 1992

Lovers separated by the Iron Curtain. Two women whose paths should never have crossed. A remarkable journey that changes all of their lives. Maria’s history is a lie. Washed up on the shores of Sweden in 1944, with no...

Travels in Siberia

Travels in Siberia
  • Author(s): Ian Frazier
  • Location(s): Siberia
  • Genre(s): Travelogue
  • Era(s): Modern

Travles through this bleak area of the map. Not so bleak, actually! Track the authors travels on a map, enjoy the wry humour,as he travels around this little known part of the world.

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