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Hag Storm

Hag Storm
  • Author(s): Victoria Williamson, Elise Carmichael (Illustrator)
  • Location(s): Scotland
  • Genre(s): Children
  • Era(s): 1771

In 1771, Robert Burns, future national poet and folk hero of Scotland, has big problems. 12-year-old Rab spends all of his time doing backbreaking work on his family’s farm instead of attending school, but when he finds a hag...

The Ice Whisperers

The Ice Whisperers
  • Author(s): Helenka Stachera, Marco Guadalupi (Illustrator)
  • Location(s): Siberia
  • Genre(s): Children
  • Era(s): N/A

A haunting magical adventure about two sisters born 40,000 years apart, perfect for fans of Frostheart and The Wild Way Home. When Bela’s mother dies, she is summoned to deepest Siberia to stay with an uncle she’s never met....

Empress & Aniya

Empress & Aniya
  • Author(s): Candice Carty-Williams
  • Location(s): South London
  • Genre(s): Young Adult
  • Era(s): Contemporary

The first YA novel from the bestselling author of Queenie. When Empress starts at Aniya’s school, they’re not exactly best friends. But, when the two teenage girls accidentally cast a spell on their 16th birthday and end up switching...

Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers
  • Author(s): Angelique Villeneuve, Adriana Hunter (Translator)
  • Location(s): Paris
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Historical
  • Era(s): WW1

It’s October 1918 and the war is drawing to a close. Toussaint Caillet returns home to his wife, Jeanne, and the young daughter he hasn’t seen growing up. He is not coming back from the front line but from...

Our Home in Myanmar

Our Home in Myanmar
  • Author(s): Jessica Mudditt
  • Location(s): Burma (Myanmar)
  • Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs, Travelogue
  • Era(s): 2012 - 2016

After a whirlwind romance in Bangladesh, Australian journalist Jessica Mudditt and her Bangladeshi husband Sherpa arrive in Yangon in 2012 – just as the military junta is beginning to relax its ironclad grip on power. It is a high-risk...


  • Author(s): Johannes Kerkhoven
  • Location(s): Australia
  • Genre(s): Short Stories
  • Era(s): 20th century and beyond

In the title story of this book, Fritz Carter, on the death of his wife, starts a new life as an opal prospector at Lightning Ridge. He buys a deserted mine, but finds working it too taxing, so he...

Inca-tastic Tales

Inca-tastic Tales
  • Author(s): Helen Pugh
  • Location(s): South America
  • Genre(s): Children, Fiction, Historical
  • Era(s): Medieval

Join the goddess Pachamama and the rainbow Cuychi on an epic journey through Inca-tastic history! You’ll get to meet gods, goddesses, a magician, queens, kings, princes, princesses, kidnappers, warriors, conquerors, treasure hunters, explorers, heroes and 2 volcanoes who are...


  • Author(s): Venetia Welby
  • Location(s): Ryukyuan Islands, Arizona
  • Genre(s): Dystopian
  • Era(s): Future - 2035

‘So, where is he then, your dad?’ The world may be on a precipice but Sol, fresh from Tucson-desert rehab, finally has an answer to the question that has dogged her since childhood. And not a moment too soon....

Bored to Death in the Baltics

Bored to Death in the Baltics
  • Author(s): Steve Sheppard
  • Location(s): Estonia, Saaremaa, Tallinn, Tuhala
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Spy, Thriller
  • Era(s): Current

Bored to Death in the Baltics is a sequel to A Very Important Teapot. Four months have passed… When a bomb explodes in front of Dawson on a sunny Saturday morning in June, he considers himself lucky to escape...

Gods of Rome (Rise of Emperors #3)

Gods of Rome (Rise of Emperors #3)
  • Author(s): Gordon Doherty, Simon Turney
  • Location(s): Rome, Italy, Milan, Ravenna, Turin (Torino)
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Historical
  • Era(s): Late Antiquity, Late Roman Empire

For one to rule, the other must die. 312 AD is a year of horrific and brutal warfare. Constantine’s northern army is a small force, plagued by religious rivalries, but seemingly unstoppable as they invade Maxentius’ Italian heartlands. These...

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