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Gangland thriller set in Glasgow and the Costa del Sol

30th May 2019

Fight Back by Anna Smith – gangland thriller set in Glasgow and the Costa del Sol.

Gangland thriller set in Glasgow and the Costa del Sol

Fight Back is a thrill a minute ride switching between Glasgow and the Costa del Sol. Lawyer, Kerry Casey, has inherited her father’s drug-dealing, people-trafficking gang based in Glasgow. The Caseys, and their associates, are not nice people to know. They maim and execute on a whim. Kerry is keen to move away from the past and launder their money into a legitimate property business in the South of Spain. Her business partner, Sharon, has relocated to the Costa del Sol and the dream is set to become reality.

But they reckoned without a Colombian drug gang based in Spain, with ambition to flood Europe with 97% pure cocaine. The Colombians see the Caseys as rivals and enemies – and are determined to put them out of business. They try methods at which even the Caseys flinch. They are completely ruthless. Kerry, Sharon, their loyal lieutenants, and the family lawyer, Marty, have a real battle on their hands. They need to think big and fast to outwit the enemy.

They, of course, do. But not without leaving a trail of blood and bullets behind them…

Fight Back is fast moving and action packed. I read it in an afternoon and was completely drawn in. Not, in all honesty, a book where you wonder over the elegance of the prose – but none the less of an exciting read for that.

Anna Smith clearly knows her stuff. She was a journalist for over 20 years and is a former chief reporter for the Daily Record newspaper in Glasgow. Her knowledge of the city and its ways rings true. Similarly, the descriptions of the Costa del Sol have a flavour of authenticity about them.

Definitely a recommended read for those who love a good thriller, and can cope with the brutality and violence (and suspension of belief) that comes with the territory.

Tony for the TripFiction team


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