Blogs in February 2023

Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa 2nd February 2023

Almost every adult and child is familiar with his Treasure Island, but few know that Robert Louis Stevenson lived out his last years on an equally remote island, which was squabbled over by colonial powers much as Captain Flint’s...

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No Regrets: A Life in Catalonia 24th January 2023

In 1999, at the age of 52, Dvora Treisman flew off with her cat Pumpkin from the San Francisco airport to begin a new life in Barcelona. Since then she has moved to Tarragona, the small fishing village of...

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When faced with an empty nest, Kari decides to spread her own wings. Giving up a job she loves, she sets off to walk across a whole country. A big one. A contemporary take on an ancient experience, Pilgrim...

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Explore Essex 17th December 2022

The county everyone’s heard of; the place few of us know. Gillian Darley takes us on a vivid, personal tour, from the seaside piers to the empty marshes and the New Town tower blocks, revealing a landscape and a...

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From Utmost East to Utmost West 27th October 2022

For over 60 years John Blashford-Snell has been exploring some of the planet’s most remote, inaccessible and dangerous places; his name is known globally for his daring adventures and intrepid journeys of discovery. Now, well into his eighties (and...

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