Blogs in October 2022

Jungle-tastic Tales 4th October 2022

From the author of Inca-tastic Tales comes a new collection of short stories: Jungle-tastic Tales! Are you brave enough to join Yacumama, the Amazon’s most humongous and powerful snake, on a once-in-a-lifetime trip? You are? Fab! Then grab your...

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City of Beasts 21st May 2022

Fifteen-year-old Alexander Cold has the chance to take the trip of a lifetime. With his mother in hospital, too ill to look after him, Alex is sent out to his grandmother Kate – a fearless reporter with blue eyes...

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Journey to the River Sea (20th Anniversary Illustrated Edition) 30th September 2021

A gorgeous 20th anniversary hardback jacketed gift edition of Eva Ibbotson’s award-winning, bestselling classic adventure. Fully illustrated in colour throughout by Katie Hickey. ‘The most perfect children’s book . . . captivatingly told, funny and moving’ – Nicolette Jones,...

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Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest 22nd May 2021

Scientists call them “Inia geoffrensis,” an ancient species of toothed whale whose origin dates back about 15 million years. To the local people of the Amazon, pink river dolphins are “botos,” shape shifters that, in the guise of human...

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A Land of Ghosts: The Braided Lives of People and the Forest in Far Western Amazonia 22nd May 2021

The western Amazon is the last frontier, as wild a west as Earth has ever known. For thirty years David G. Campbell has been exploring this lush wilderness, which contains more species than ever existed anywhere at any time...

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