Blogs in January 2023

The Summer Party 24th January 2023

An atmospheric psychological thriller about a glamorous family living on the coast of southern Australia. 2023’s most addictive beach read. A perfect family. A devastating secret. Summer, 2000. In the tranquil town of Queen’s Point in southern Australia, the...

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Dead Set on Murder 24th January 2023

A detective investigates a seemingly impossible crime When Jennifer Parkes’s husband, Brian, disappears one rainy night, her world is torn apart. After years of fruitless searching, she gives up hope and gets on with her life – raising her...

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The Forcing 11th January 2023

Civilisation is collapsing. Frustrated and angry after years of denial and inaction, a ‘government of youth’ has taken power in North America, and deemed all those older than a prescribed age responsible for the current state of the world,...

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The Sun Walks Down 10th January 2023

In September 1883, a small town in the South Australian outback huddles under strange, vivid sunsets. Six-year-old Denny Wallace has gone missing during a dust storm, and the entire community is caught up in the search for him. As...

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THE NEWLYWED 10th January 2023

Detectives dig deep to discover what happened to a lost bride After travelling to the breezy seaside town of Seabreak with her new husband to meet his twin brother, Jane Wilson vanishes without a trace. There is never any...

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