Blogs in December 2022

Künstlers in Paradise 14th December 2022

There was a time when the family Künstler lived in the fairy-tale city of Vienna. Circumstances transformed that fairy tale into a nightmare, and in 1939 the Künstlers found their way out of Vienna and into a new fairy...

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The Secret Society of Salzburg 15th November 2022

At first glance, Austrian opera singer Elsa Mayer-Braun has little in common with the young English typist she encounters on tour. Yet she and Hattie Featherstone forge an instant connection–and strike a dangerous alliance. Using their friendship as a...

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The Child Of Ukraine (formerly published as “Motherland”) 20th June 2022

Ukraine, 1940. She cups her daughter’s face with her trembling hands, imprinting it on her mind. ‘I love you. Be brave,’ she whispers through her tears, her heart breaking into a thousand pieces. Sending her child away is the...

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The Flames 26th March 2022

Every painting tells a story, but what if the women on the canvas could speak? This is the story of the charismatic – and controversial – artist, Egon Schiele, and his four muses, set against the vibrant backdrop of...

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East West Street 25th February 2022

When human rights lawyer Philippe Sands received an invitation to deliver a lecture in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv, he began to uncover a series of extraordinary historical coincidences. It set him on a quest that would take...

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