Blogs in December 2015

Human Rites 1st December 2015

Judgement is in the eye of the beholder Adrian Harvey, London wine merchant, has lost the Christmas spirit. Someone is stalking him, stealing his post and vandalising his shop. When the police question him after an anonymous tip-off, he’s...

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Flesh-Coloured Dominoes 18th January 2015

When Baroness Valtraute von Bruegen’s officer husband’s body is severed in two, she is delighted to find that the lower half has been sewn onto the upper body of the humble local captain Ulste. She conceives a child only...

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The Incident 1st January 1970

‘Certainly there are ghosts in these towers. For me they are the ghosts of two children. And even now – ten years later and seven hundred miles away – I still wake most nights with the muffled echo of...

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