Blogs in December 2020

The Unwomanly Face of War 6th December 2020

Extraordinary stories from Soviet women who fought in the Second World War – from the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature “Why, having stood up for and held their own place in a once absolutely male world, have...

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The Slaughterman’s Daughter 29th February 2020

The townsfolk of Motal, an isolated, godforsaken town in the Pale of Settlement, are shocked when Fanny Keismann – devoted wife, mother of five, and celebrated cheese-maker – leaves her home at two hours past midnight and vanishes into...

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Gingerbread 10th October 2014

Fairy tale and history, wilderness and civilisation collide in this brilliant and magical new novel from the author of Little Exiles. In the depths of winter in the land of Belarus, where ancient forests straddle modern country borders, an...

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