Blogs in March 2020

Treasures of the Thunder Dragon 24th March 2020

Long regarded as the Forbidden Land, Bhutan—or Druk Yul, the Land of the Thunder Dragon—was virtually closed to the outside world until the 1960s. Even today, little is known about this remote Himalayan Buddhist kingdom nestled between two giant...

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Tales in Colour and Other Stories 27th January 2020

These deceptively simple stories uncover both the complexity and irony of women’s lives in Bhutan today. They show how ordinary lives, choices and experiences are both remarkable and poignant. In ‘I am a Small Person’, a despised woman uses...

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Dear Seday – letter from the mountains 27th January 2020

On a chilly day when heavens kept pouring, Nadola, a road supervisor, sees a familar face in one of the many stranded cars. While clearing the way for distressed passengers, his mind races back in time. The face which...

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Dawa The Story of A Stray Dog In Bhutan 27th January 2020

This book was first published in Bhutan in 2004. From the moment that DAWA was first introduced to readers inside and outside Bhutan, I have been pleasantly surprised and deeply humbled by the knowledge that this yellow-brown scruffy dog...

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Set Free 27th January 2020

The man with the gun pushed me down onto the carpet. I tried to cower to make my body curl smaller, instinctively covering my head. Oh God, please don t kill me. My words clung to my teeth and...

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