Blogs in January 2023

Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest for a Life 24th January 2023

An outrageous and hilarious romp through the diary of a disillusioned West Midlands teacher turned Amsterdam adult shop manager and his gay German bestie, as they struggle with self-doubt, dodgy doings and dating! “Funny, sad, eye-openingly honest and far...

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The Man With No Face 2nd May 2022

Beware: this is a revised edition of an earlier work by the author. Can evil be unmasked before it’s too late . . . ? A REPORTER WITH NO FEAR 1979. Jaded Edinburgh journalist Neil Bannerman is sent to...

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The Resolute Runaway 24th July 2021

Knowing the risk of running away to find a new life, Joanna heads for Brussels, where young ladies are fair game for officers looking for love before facing the foe at Waterloo. When Joanna meets the heir to a...

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The Last Waltz 24th July 2021

When her gambling father dies, young Adrienne Castle must find a way to support her family. In desperation, she visits a gaming house in disguise, intent on winning back some of her father’s lost fortune using her skill at...

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Under the Poppy 24th July 2021

From a wartime brothel to the intricate high society of 1870s Brussels, Under the Poppy is a breakout novel of childhood friends, a love triangle, puppetmasters, and reluctant spies. Under the Poppy is a brothel owned by Decca and...

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