Blogs in July 2021

Larchfield 29th July 2021

In 1930, a young man, torn apart by his illegal desire, stands on a deserted Scottish beach. Wystan H. Auden is only twenty-four and longing to be a great poet; longing too, for someone who understands him. He scribbles...

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The Doll Makers 22nd April 2019

Life looks good for Annie Raymond, now an experienced investigator specialising in insurance fraud. Or rather that’s how she spins it. The truth is not so rosy. As she returns to her native Argyll she has no clue how...

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Girl in the Castle 23rd July 2018

Her academic career in tatters, Dr Henriette Bruar needs somewhere to lay low, plan her comeback and restore her tarnished reputation. Fate takes her to a remote Scottish castle to auction the contents of an ancient library to pay...

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The Rat Stone Serenade (#4) 14th August 2016

It’s December, and the Shannon family are returning home to their clifftop mansion near Kinloch for their annual AGM. Shannon International is one of the world s biggest private companies, with tendrils reaching around the globe in computing, banking...

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Sealed With a Kiss 17th March 2014

Kate’s dumped on her best friend’s wedding day by boring boyfriend Ian. She’s mostly cross because he got in first – until she remembers she’s now homeless as well as jobless. Faced with moving back home to her ultra-bossy mother,...

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