Blogs in January 2023

No Regrets: A Life in Catalonia 24th January 2023

In 1999, at the age of 52, Dvora Treisman flew off with her cat Pumpkin from the San Francisco airport to begin a new life in Barcelona. Since then she has moved to Tarragona, the small fishing village of...

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City of Drowned Souls 5th July 2022

(The Catalan Crime Thrillers Book 3) The second a child disappears, the clock starts ticking. When the son of a controversial local politician goes missing at election time, Detective Elisenda Domènech is put on the case. They simply must...

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City of Buried Ghosts 5th July 2022

(The Catalan Crime Thrillers Book 2) Still recovering from the tragedy that hit her team, Elisenda takes on a new case. Except it’s not new. On an archaeological dig by the coast a body is uncovered, seemingly executed with...

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Even the Darkest Night 1st May 2022

A Melchor Marín novel. Winner of Spain’s biggest literary prize – the Premio Planeta When Melchor goes to investigate the horrific double-murder of a rich printer and his wife in rural Cataluña nothing quite adds up. The young cop...

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Our Last Days in Barcelona 14th April 2022

Barcelona, 1964. Exiled from Cuba after the revolution, Isabel Perez has learned to guard her heart and protect her family at all costs. After Isabel’s sister Beatriz disappears in Barcelona, Isabel goes to Spain in search of her. Joining...

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