Blogs in November 2022

The Eye of the Falcon 2nd November 2022

A story of intrigue, betrayal and murder set in the royal court of 10th century Andalusia.When the caliph of al-Andalus, al-Hakim II, dies leaving an eleven-year-old boy as his heir, Queen Subh knows that her son is in danger—other...

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The Ring of Flames 2nd November 2022

A nail-biting finish to the al-Andalus trilogy as Ahmed searches for a way to get his family out of the beleaguered city of Córdoba. But is it too late? Córdoba is surrounded. The people are starving and dispirited. Al-Mansur,...

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The Shining City 22nd October 2022

Everything that Qasim has worked for is about to be destroyed. His youngest son has fallen in love with the caliph’s favourite concubine, and if he is caught, he will suffer the death penalty and the rest of the...

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All My Mothers 29th April 2021

MEET EVA MARTÍNEZ-GREEN, AN ONLY CHILD FULL OF QUESTIONS ABOUT HER BEGINNINGS. But between her emotionally absent mother and her physically absent father, there is nobody to answer them. So Eva begins a journey to find these answers for...

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