Blogs in July 2020

North Dallas Forty 5th July 2020

On the field, the men who play football are gladiators, titans, and every other kind of cliché. But when they leave the locker room they are only men. Peter Gent’s classic novel looks at the seedy underbelly of the...

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Same Kind of Different As Me 3rd July 2020

Gritty with pain and betrayal and brutality, this true story also shines with an unexpected, life-changing love. Meet Denver, raised under plantation-style slavery in Louisiana until he escaped the “Man” – in the 1960’s – by hopping a train....

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Fever City 19th January 2016

Nick Alston, a Los Angeles private investigator, is hired to find the kidnapped son of America’s richest and most hated man. Hastings, a mob hitman in search of redemption, is also on the trail. But both men soon become...

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Dallas Noir 25th October 2014

The city of Dallas is often overlooked. But on 22 November every year, the memory comes back around in a nightmare loop. John F. Kennedy’s assassination at Dealey Plaza shocked the world, but it also unleashed Dallas’s obsession with...

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Love me Back 12th September 2014

Marie, a young single mother, lands a job at an upscale Dallas steakhouse. She is preternaturally attuned to the appetites of her patrons, but quickly learns to hide her private struggle behind an easy smile and a crisp white...

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