Blogs in November 2023

See Delphi and Die 28th November 2023

Falco 17 Delphi features only in Part 4. THE ANCIENT SPORTS OF MURDER AND MYTH Stunned by a dramatic appeal from his otherwise cool mother-in-law, Falco cannot resist. His brother-in-law has been diverted from his route to Athens University...

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Oracle 12th March 2021

Justice will be done, but what kind of justice? High on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, near the ancient Temple of Apollo, a group of young idealists protest against the despoiling of the planet outside a European governmental conference....

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The Mask of Apollo 14th May 2018

Combining the scholarship of a historian with the imagination of a novelist, Mary Renault brings the ancient Greek stage thrillingly to life. Set in fourth-century B.C. Greece, The Mask of Apollo is narrated by Nikeratos, a tragic actor who...

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