Blogs in February 2020

The Train to Djibouti 19th February 2020

What I’m about to tell, they’re not simply memories, thoughts drawn from the journal of a trip; it is not only the story of one adventure or the recollection of precious moments. It is rather my attempt to revisit...

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The Nomads, My Brothers, Go Out to Drink from the Big Dipper 19th February 2020

Few of us have had the opportunity to visit Djibouti, the small crook of a country strategically located in the Horn of Africa, which makes The Nomads, My Brothers, Go Out to Drink from the Big Dipper all the...

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Passage of Tears 19th February 2020

Passage of Tears cleverly mixes many genres and forms of writing–spy novel, political thriller, diary (replete with childhood memories), travel notebook, legends, parables, incantations, and prayers. Djibril’s reminiscences provide a sense of Djibouti’s past and its people, while a...

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Paper Cuts 17th July 2016

How quickly can The Nation’s Sweetheart become Enemy Of The State ? Talking WIth Tiffany is England’s favourite morning programme and Tiffany Wilson the Nation’s sweetheart. All indications are that Tiffany’s tellysphere crown is about to be confirmed as...

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