Blogs in May 2020

Indelible Scars 9th May 2020

Joe is young and idealistic, with a thirst for adventure and a desire to make a difference in the world. When given the opportunity to travel to East Timor as an aid worker, he jumps at the chance, with...

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Jazz, Perfume & the Incident 9th May 2020

In Jakarta’s gleaming center a man and a woman watch each other from adjoining skyscrapers. The man, a journalist, has on his desk reports he doesn’t dare publish of a massacre in East Timor. He contemplates the demands of...

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FUNU : The Unfinished Saga Of East Timor 9th May 2020

A personal story by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner on the shocking genocide of the Timorese people at the hands of the Indonesian occupants.

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Distant Voices 9th May 2020

The centrepiece of this new, expanded edition of his bestselling Distant Voices is Pilger’s reporting from East Timor, which he entered secretly in 1993 and where a third of the population has died as a result of Indonesia’s genocidal...

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The Canal House 9th May 2020

Photojournalist Nicky Bettencourt thinks he’s seen everything until he teams up with the legendary war correspondent Daniel McFarland. To Daniel, the story is everything; people come later. But after a plane crash nearly takes his life, Daniel begins to...

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