Blogs in January 2023

The Rose of Florence 24th January 2023

1478: Gianetta and Matteo have a happy life, working in service to the wealthy Rosini family. They are used to entertaining rich and powerful members of Florentine society in Palazzo Rosini, where Lorenzo and Giuliano de’ Medici and Botticelli...

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The Bookseller of Florence 5th January 2023

The Renaissance in Florence conjures images of beautiful frescoes and elegant buildings – the dazzling handiwork of the city’s artists and architects. But equally important were geniuses of another kind: Florence’s manuscript hunters, scribes, scholars and booksellers. At a...

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The Marriage Portrait 22nd August 2022

The woman in the portrait is perfect. So why does she feel so terrified, so alone? Florence, the 1560s. Lucrezia, third daughter of Cosimo de’ Medici, is free to wander the palazzo at will, wondering at its treasures and...

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The Giant 30th May 2022

As a colossal statue takes shape in Renaissance Florence, the lives of a master sculptor and a struggling painter become stunningly intertwined. Florence, 1500. Fresco painter Jacopo Torni longs to make his mark in the world. But while his...

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Out Of Her Depth 18th April 2022

There are summers that could change your life. There are summers that could end it. Meet Rachel. An unassuming young woman from a quiet London suburb. Picture the scene: A summer job at the beautiful Villa Medici in the...

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