Blogs in August 2020

The Wondrous and Tragic Life of Ivan and Ivanna 25th August 2020

Born in Guadeloupe, Ivan and Ivana are twins with a bond so strong they become afraid of their feelings for one another. When their mother sends them off to live with their father in Mali they begin to grow...

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The Honest Folk of Guadeloupe 31st May 2015

April 1990, Guadeloupe: French-Algerian judge Anne Marie Laveaud has been living and working in the French Caribbean department of Guadeloupe for more than a decade, but her days are still full of surprises – for example, the fact that...

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Another Sun 30th May 2015

On a plantation in the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a man’s body is found in a pond, riddled with bullets. The victim is Monsieur Calais, a wealthy land-owner; within 24 hours, a suspect is arrested. Anne Marie Laveaud, a...

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