Blogs in July 2020

The GRAVESAVERS 22nd July 2020

Historical fiction set in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s classified as a “young adult” book, but it was a joy to read. Very well written. I had a much better knowledge of the history of that part of Canada. Made...

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Curse of the Narrows 6th August 2016

The events of the horrific Halifax explosion are well documented: on December 6, 1917, the French munitions ship Mont Blanc and the Belgian relief ship Imo collide in the Halifax harbour. Nearly 2,000 people are killed; over 9,000 more...

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The Haunting of L. 28th July 2016

It is 1927. Young Peter Duvett has accepted a job as an assistant to the elusive portraitist Vienna Linn, in the remote town of Churchill, Manitoba. Across Canada, Linn has been arranging and photographing gruesome accidents for the private...

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