Blogs in January 2023

Death at Crookham Hall 3rd January 2023

A fatal jump. A missing suffragette. An inexplicable murder. London, 1920. For the first time ever, two women are competing against each other to become an MP. Reporter Iris Woodmore has a big story on her hands when she...

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Murder At The Priory Hotel (Flora Steele #4) 21st August 2022

Join Flora Steele – bookshop owner, bicycle-rider, and amateur detective – as she faces her most puzzling case yet! Sussex, 1957: When Flora Steele and handsome crime writer Jack Carrington attend the grand re-opening of the Priory Hotel in...

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Murder Fortissimo 10th July 2022

When newly retired headmistress, Harriet Quigley, needs a good rest and somewhere comfortable to recover from a hospital stay, she believes Firstone Grange will be the ideal place. Luxurious and perfectly run by a competent and understanding matron, it...

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Murder Most Welcome 10th July 2022

Outwardly a grieving young Victorian widow, Charlotte Richmond is concealing some scandalous secrets when she arrives at Finchbourne Manor to start a respectable new life with her husband’s family. The wealthy Richmonds must never discover that her husband Frampton’s...

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The House at Ladywell 10th July 2022

When Freya Gibson inherits an old, run-down property she has no idea she is the last in a long line of redoubtable women, including the Tudor nun who built the house. Unknown to Freya, these women, over centuries, fought...

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