Blogs in October 2014

Fishing for Tigers 25th October 2014

Six years ago, Mischa Reese left her abusive husband and suffocating life in California and reinvented herself in steamy, chaotic Hanoi. In Vietnam, she finds satisfying work and enjoys a life of relative luxury and personal freedom. Thirty-five and...

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The Sorrow of War 1st January 1970

10 years in the war and Kien suffers a breakdown – he has seen too much, experienced the horrors of this particular war. In Hanoi he tries to re-establish a relationship former girlfriend. A truly heart rending story of...

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The House on Dream Street 1st January 1970

Dana Sachs travels to Hanoi at a time when tourists were hardly known. This is the story of an American trying to learn about Vietnames culture, conflicted with being in an American in the post war era. A truly...

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The Beauty of Humanity Movement 1st January 1970

“They say that the history of Vietnam can be found in a bowl of pho, and from his handcart- kitchen, Old Man Hu’ng makes the best in all Hanoi. But a striking young Vietnamese-American woman – Maggie Ly –...

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The Trader of Saigon 1st January 1970

From Hanoi to Saigon, a tale of one woman’s search for a better life – and a thriller that strikes to the merciless heart of post-civil war Vietnam. In the chaos and corruption of 1980s’ Vietnam, three seemingly unconnected...

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