Blogs in April 2022

The Long Road from Kandahar 22nd April 2022

The hand of friendship can span a thousand miles… Pakistan Among the almond orchards of the Swat Valley, Zamir tends goats with his son, Raza. He must make a heartbreaking decision if he is to protect his youngest child...

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Combat Camera 1st September 2015

May 2011, Afghanistan: Camp Bastion is under attack, the Sun’s Defence Editor is about to catch the wrong helicopter, and a famous TV war reporter is missing half his kit and wants his trainers back. Amid the chaos, Christian...

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Follow Me Home 1st January 1970

Set in Helmand during the current conflict, Bishop’s novel is a compelling variant on the theme of soldiers trapped in enemy territory and striving to get home. the narrator is a British officer involved in the ambush of a...

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