Blogs in October 2020

Cry in the Night 30th October 2020

The highly anticipated novel that delivers what romantic suspense fans have waited for—the return to Rock Harbor. A mysterious crying in the night leads search-and-rescue worker Bree Matthews and her dog Samson to an abandoned baby in the woods...

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Winter Study 30th October 2020

Soon after Anna Pigeon joins the famed wolf study team of Isle Royale National Park in the middle of Lake Superior, the wolf packs begin to behave in peculiar ways. Giant wolf prints are found, and Anna spies the...

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A Superior Death 30th October 2020

Park ranger Anna Pigeon returns, in a mystery that unfolds in and around Lake Superior, in whose chilling depths sunken treasure comes with a deadly price. In her latest mystery, Nevada Barr sends Ranger Pigeon to a new post...

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