Blogs in October 2022

Cloud Cuckoo Land 3rd October 2022

Fifteenth-century Constantinople. Present day Idaho. The future, and humanity’s last hope. Across time and space, five young dreamers are bound by a single ancient text. Together, they tell a story of a world in peril; of the power of...

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Farewell Fountain Street 28th July 2022

Ziya Bey has six months left to live. From his mansion on Farewell Fountain Street, the Ottoman aristocrat plans to tie up some questionable business affairs and say goodbye to the people he cherishes. He hires Artvin, a disillusioned...

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Salep and Ginger 12th December 2021

A heartwarming, romantic comedy in the style of Notting Hill and Sleepless in Seattle. Ginger Knox thought she was living her best rom-com life. She had the job, the apartment in Notting Hill (adjacent), and an honest to God...

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Longing for Istanbul: The Words I Haven’t Said Yet 27th November 2021

From the moment Lisa Morrow first stepped onto Turkish soil in 1990, her love affair with the country has been tumultuous. She came to stay forever and then left for good many times, but could never get Turkey and...

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How To Betray Your Country 28th July 2021

Following on from the acclaimed debut novel Beside the Syrian Sea, this is the second title in a planned trilogy about loyalty and betrayal in the modern world. An authentic thriller about the thin line between following your conscience...

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