Blogs in March 2021

The Noble Path 12th March 2021

THE EVIL WRATH Cambodia, 1978. Amid the Khmer Rouge’s crazed genocide, soldier-of-fortune Jack Elliott is given the impossible task of rescuing a family from the regime. THE PAINFUL TRUTH Eighteen-year-old orphan and budding journalist Lisa Robinson has received the...

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The Night Gate 12th March 2021

In a sleepy French village, the body of a man shot through the head is disinterred by the roots of a fallen tree. A week later a famous art critic is viciously murdered in a nearby house. The deaths...

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Wild Dog 11th March 2020

Franck and Lise, a French couple in the film industry, rent a cottage in the quiet hills of the French Lot to get away from the stresses of modern life. In this remote corner of the world, there is...

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From here, you can’t see Paris 1st January 1970

A fascinating memoir about life in Les Arques, a hilltop village in a remote corner of France, and its magical restaurant

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