Blogs in November 2022

The Apothecary 2nd November 2022

When the caliph of Málaga dies under strange circumstances, Umar, a soldier in his army, believes it was murder. He decides to investigate the ruler’s death even though it may result in his own. When Umar starts to ask...

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The Pirate 2nd November 2022

Early one morning, the ambitious pirate, al-Awar, makes a lightning raid on the shipyard in Málaga and kidnaps Bakr, a master shipbuilder. Before anyone realises, he and two of his workmen have disappeared. No-one has any idea why the...

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Strawberry Moon 2nd November 2022

On Midsummer’s Eve the bodies of two young gypsies are found in a solitary spot near a beach in Málaga. It looks like the couple committed suicide—a lovers’ pact to end it all—and the police are quick to close...

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Dark Heart 2nd November 2022

When a well known film star is murdered during the Málaga Film Festival, the Guardia Civil turn once more to Jacaranda Dunne and her team for help. Although Jacaranda—known to everyone as JD—is still basking in the success of...

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Sophie is Still Missing 2nd November 2022

Jacaranda Dunne—known to everyone as JD—is an ex-Metropolitan police officer who has moved to Málaga to open a detective agency. At first, the work is routine, missing dogs, stolen passports and unfaithful husbands. Then one day a woman bursts...

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