Blogs in March 2022

The Sentence 8th March 2022

In this stunning and timely novel, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning author Louise Erdrich creates a wickedly funny ghost story, a tale of passion, of a complex marriage and of a woman’s relentless errors. Louise Erdrich’s latest novel,...

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Twin Cities Noir 15th December 2020

As recently as the mid-90s, Minneapolis was called Murderopolis due to a rash of killings that occurred over a long hot summer. St Paul was originally named after Pig’s Eye Parrant – trapper, moonshiner and proprietor of the most...

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The Year of Ice 12th December 2020

It is 1978 in the Twin Cities, and Kevin Doyle, a high school senior, is a marginal student in love with keggers, rock and roll, and–unbeknownst to anyone else–a boy in his class with thick eyelashes and a bad...

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War for the Oaks 11th December 2020

Acclaimed by critics and readers on its first publication in 1987, winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel, Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks is one of the novels that has defined modern urban fantasy. Eddi McCandry...

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Freedom 10th December 2020

Patty and Walter Berglund were the new pioneers of old St. Paul—the gentrifiers, the hands-on parents, the avant-garde of the Whole Foods generation. Patty was the ideal sort of neighbor, who could tell you where to recycle your batteries...

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