Blogs in January 2023

Her Nanny’s Secret 24th January 2023

It’s 1941; Annie Beynon defies convention by working as a stable girl for the wealthy Pryce family whose son leaves to join the RAF. She has a secret that when it’s threatened to become exposed, she makes a shocking...

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Mend the Living 15th August 2022

A twenty-four-hour whirlwind of death and life. In the depths of a winter’s night, the heart of Simon Limbeau is resting, readying itself for the day to come. In a few hours’ time, just before six, his alarm will...

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Before the Dawn 1st March 2022

When everything you hold dear is torn apart by war, can love put you back together again? It’s 1943, and the Second World War is raging. Ruby Mottram works for her local newspaper, the Bartonford Herald, typing up adverts...

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The Time Between Us 26th January 2022

Normandy, 1937. Sixteen-year-old Elise embarks on a whirlwind romance with a young American man, which transports herfrom the drudgery of her everyday life caring for her mother. But neither she nor William is prepared forthe warthat will threaten to...

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The War Nurse 30th August 2021

Superintendent of Nurses Julia Stimson must recruit sixty-four nurses to relieve the battle-worn British, months before American troops are ready to be deployed. She knows that the young nurses serving near the front lines will face a challenging situation,...

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