Blogs in January 1970

Jump Derry 1st January 1970

Easter 2005, and Irish dancing champion Janie can win the feis but has no idea how to have a boyfriend. And when her first one, Martin, is a parkour freerunner, she can’t keep up as he jumps and flips...

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The First Time I Said Goodbye 1st January 1970

Would you hold on tighter if you knew you were saying goodbye forever? In 1959, factory girl Stella Hegarty finds herself falling unexpectedly for the charms of a handsome US marine based in Derry.Caught up in a whirlwind of...

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Hurt 1st January 1970

Late December. A sixteen-year-old girl is found dead on a train line. Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is called to identify the body. The only clues to the dead teenager’s last movements are stored in her mobile phone and on...

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