Blogs in November 2019

Outback Ferals 27th November 2019

Environmental activist Kyle has just arrived in Darwin for a temporary job checking gardens for diseased vines. Seems easy enough, but Kyle’s job also involves working undercover-befriending a chopper pilot who may be bringing in illegal bugs into the...

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Don’t Mean a Thing 8th November 2016

What if you finally took the lead, but life refused to follow? Thirty-year-old introvert, Macie Harman, has finally found a career she is passionate about, and after months of training, she’s begun her new job in the Royal Australian...

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Kakadu Sunset 6th February 2016

Helicopter pilot Ellie Porter loves her job. Soaring above the glorious Kakadu National Park, she feels freed from the heavy losses of her beloved family farm and the questions around her father’s suicide. But when a search-and-rescue mission on...

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A Nurse Abroad 1st January 1970

In the early 1960s, Anne Watts was a newly qualified nurse, eager to use her skills. Her father expected her to work locally, not too far from North Wales, where Anne had grown up, and to then settle down...

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Diamond Dove 1st January 1970

This terrific debut by Adrian Hyland features Emily Tempest, a half-Aborigine woman who returns to the outback village she grew up in to find an old friend murdered. Hyland promises more books, with Tempest becoming a bona fide police...

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