Blogs in September 2022

Odesa at Dawn 30th September 2022

Ex-CIA man Max Rushmore travels to a still-peaceful Odesa on routine assignment. But things veer off course when the severed hand of the local governor shows up in a vat of sunflower oil. Max stumbles across a solitary toe,...

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Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream 4th July 2020

In the state of Texas American football is a religion. And nowhere is more fanatical about its football than the small town of Odessa. There, every Friday night from September to November, a bunch of seventeen-year-old kids play their...

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Valentine 7th June 2020

‘Mercy is hard in a place like this. I wished him dead before I ever saw his face…’ Mary Rose Whitehead isn’t looking for trouble – but when it shows up at her front door, she finds she can’t...

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