Blogs in August 2017

The Destroyers 15th August 2017

Ian Bledsoe is on the run, broke and humiliated, fleeing the emotional and financial fallout of his father’s death. His childhood friend Charlie – rich, exuberant and basking in life on the Greek island of Patmos – is his last hope. At...

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The Summer of my Greek Taverna 24th November 2014

The story of a man in love with a place, a woman, and a dream. Tom Stone went to Greece one summer to write a novel — and stayed twenty-two years. On Patmos, he fell in love with Danielle,...

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Prey on Patmos 1st January 1970

This book is the same as ‘An Aegean Odyssey’. Set on Patmose, this book is about police procedural, social problems, all set against the background of an ancient culture.

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