Blogs in March 2022

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian 9th March 2022

‘Two years after my mother died, my father fell in love with a glamorous blonde Ukrainian divorcée. He was eighty-four and she was thirty-six. She exploded into our lives like a fluffy pink grenade, churning up the murky water,...

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Platform Seven 2nd January 2019

Platform Seven is new. It is also the furthest point of Peterborough Station from the entrance. It is completely deserted. The man walking along the covered walkway at 4am on this freezing November morning knows that. As he sits...

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Tell No Tales 1st February 2016

Two men are kicked to death in brutal attacks.  Caught on CCTV, the murderer hides his face – but raises a Nazi salute.  In a town riddled with racial tension, Detectives Zigic and Ferreira from the Hate Crimes Unit...

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After You Die 31st January 2016

The previous summer she had logged a number of calls detailing the harassment she and her severely disabled teenage daughter were undergoing. Now she is dead – stabbed to death whilst Holly Prentice has been left to starve upstairs....

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Long Way Home 30th November 2015

No witnesses, no fingerprints – only a positive ID of the victim as an immigrant with a long list of enemies. Detectives Zigic and Ferreira are called in from the Hate Crimes Unit to track the killer, and are...

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