Blogs in April 2022

Snow Widows 10th April 2022

The men of Captain Scott’s Polar Party were heroes of their age, enduring tremendous hardships to further the reputation of the Empire they served by reaching the South Pole. But they were also husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. For...

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North Pole / South Pole: From Pole to Pole: a Flip Book 27th November 2020

Fully-illustrated and with a fun and innovative flip-book format, the book provides the perfect way to explore and compare the extreme environments of the two Poles. Take a trip to the ends of the earth and discover the extreme...

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South Pole Station 16th June 2020

Most people have problems. Some people literally goto the end of the Earth to avoid them. Do you have digestion problems due to stress? Do you have problems with authority? How many alcoholic drinks do you consume a week?...

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