Blogs in July 2019

The Magus 5th July 2019

On a remote Greek Island, Nicholas Urfe finds himself embroiled in the deceptions of a master trickster. As reality and illusion intertwine, Urfe is caught up in the darkest of psychological games. John Fowles expertly unfolds a tale that...

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The Glass Class 6th June 2016

Close friends gather at the graveside of the most favoured of this group of privileged young people. Readers discover than Rosalind who has been jilted in favour of her cousin Lucinda, now the widow must suffer the indignity of...

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Three Ways to Capsize a Boat 1st January 1970

Never having skippered a boat, Chris Stewart sails against the tide in the Solent, progresses to Spetses in Greece and then attempts a journey across the Atlantic.

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