Blogs in August 2020

Sorry for the Dead 2nd August 2020

Summer, 1915: a young woman falls to her death at Charleston Farmhouse on the Sussex Downs. But was it an accident? Twenty years later, Josephine Tey is faced with the accusation that it was murder, and that she was...

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No Bodies 24th October 2017

Why would environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, show any interest in finding Daphne Witherington, the missing wife of a longstanding family friend? The police believe she ran off with Colin Miller, a rather dubious caterer, and Kent has problems...

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No Accident 24th January 2017

Is it an accident? Or is it murder? Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel, needs to find out. When he visits Tombstone Adventure Park to investigate a fatal work accident, the details...

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The Sussex Downs Murder 13th June 2015

‘Already it looked as if the police were up against a carefully planned and cleverly executed murder, and, what was more, a murder without a corpse!’ Two brothers, John and William Rother, live together at Chalklands Farm in the...

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