Blogs in March 2020

African Summer: The Story of a Fish out of Water 25th March 2020

Stuck like a tongue in the mouth of Senegal, the tiny country of the Gambia is one of those places the world forgets until the president puts down a coup — but as Andrew Gilman discovered one hot summer,...

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The Gambia: The Untold Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Story 25th March 2020

It contains firsthand account information of some of the alleged murders, tortures, and disappearances that had taken place under the administration of Gambia’s iron fist dictator President Yahya Jammeh. The author had interviewed a wide range of sources-some of...

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Gambian Bluff (SAS Operation) 25th March 2020

Ultimate soldier. Ultimate mission. But can just three members of the SAS quell a rebel uprising? July 1981: while Gambian President Jawara attends a royal wedding in London, Marxist rebels seize power. Fearing armed intervention from neighbouring Senegal, they...

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The Gambia: Land of the Mandinka 25th March 2020

This third book in the Travelling Solo series, not only covers a single week in The Gambia, but reflections on previous visits. In the first book, Vietnam: Journey of Unexpected Delights, the author, who thought she was joining a...

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The Sun Will Soon Shine 25th March 2020

For an intelligent, ambitious girl growing up in a Gambian village, life holds few tempting prospects. Marriage and motherhood, often forced, are the paths assigned to most. Nyima, too, is subject to this fate, as well as having to...

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