Blogs in July 2015

Bridge Beyond Betrayal 29th July 2015

Bridge Beyond Betrayal, the second in the Miz Mike series, is dedicated to late USMC Major Luke Parker and includes his prophetic poem. As if feisty, independent Texas Miz Mike didn’t get into enough trouble minding her own business...

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Bridge to Nowhere 29th July 2015

When son Ron orders his chocolate-loving widowed mother, Michal Allison Rice—better known as “Miz Mike” in Three Prongs, Texas, where misfits fit—to act her age (40-something) and mind her own business, he doesn’t understand that Miz Mike doesn’t find...

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Bridge to Xanadu 29th July 2015

From finding a dead body in the dumpster at the sheriff’s office to being straddled by a knife-welding rapist and serial killer, Texas Miz Mike is back in her most gripping and humorous mystery-romance-suspense ever, Bridge to Xanadu. Who...

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