Blogs in March 2020

The Fourth Shore 30th March 2020

The Fourth Shore: the sliver of fertile land along the Tripoli coast, the ‘lost’ territory Mussolini promised to reclaim for Italy. Which is how, in 1929, seventeen-year-old Liliana Cattaneo arrives there from Rome on a ship filled with eager...

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In the Country of Men 1st January 1970

1979, set against the brutal police state of Gaddafi’s Libya. Through the eyes of nine year old Suleiman we see and experienc Tripoli, and Suleiman’s family in the city, and what it means not to have freedom.

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Tears in Tripoli 1st January 1970

Providing security for international media teams is old-hat for Jake Collins. He’s been there and he’s done that. However, his latest little jaunt, one that sees him travelling right into the heart of Libya, soon turns out to be...

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